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tv   KTVU News at 8pm  FOX  October 11, 2014 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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for a 2-2. and a strikeout follows. bumgarner has shut out the cardinals on four hits through seven. they have gotten away with a balk in the inning. bumgarner pumped up. he and the giants lead 3-0. into the eighth we go. anncr: now you can merge the physical freedom of the car, with the virtual freedom of wi-fi. chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi to cars, trucks and crossovers. hi mom. you made it! anncr: it's the new independence. i have the most highly trained
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>> joe: cardinals complained during the break that the giants and madison bumgarner just got away with a balk. seth maness takes over for juan perez, who took over to help the defense. back to what looked like a balk in the bottom of the seventh. >> tom: watch the front foot, right foot of madison bumgarner. that will move before he steps back with the left foot. the flinch of the right foot is constituting the beginning of the delivery, then he must go ahead and throw the pitch. umpires on the field didn't notice but somebody did.
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yadier molina saw it right away. and he is going to continue the conversation with phil cuzzi saying, didn't you see it that? i saw it from third base. >> joe: bumgarner, staying in the ball game. he shatters his bat. two outs. >> harold: something just didn't look right. that's when you think about -- that did not look right. you know what i'm saying? when he started his motion and all of a sudden he's flinching. you immediately think balk. >> joe: meanwhile, a.j. pierzynski on the active roster came out to warm up seth maness because molina was involved in that last half inning and a.j. was on the home plate umpire saying they missed a balk. but i think you would expect that from a.j. whether it was a balk or not. gregor blanco against maness.
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strike one at the knees. so bumgarner, it appears, will go back out there with carpenter, grichuk and holliday coming up. that's ball two. 2-1. >> tom: looks to me, joe, that bumgarner rethought the pitch he wanted to throw, wanted to reboot. a lot of times when you have n runners on base and you use a combination of signs you think you have what you have and all of a sudden another sign goes down and throws off your rhythm. i think that might have been what happened there. >> joe: the 2-2. to the right side. a
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and pinch hitter cruz will deal with the top of the lineup with the bull pen right behind him. sergio romo getting loose. right-handed batters to follow. carpenter takes strike one. former closer, now setup reliever, sergio romo, has switched jobs with santiago casilla midway through the season. they switched it the other way last time giants won it all in 2012, when romo took over as the closer. now the count, 0-2. >> harold: i think they're running out with bumgarner as long as you can. obviously they're waiting to see if a man gets on or not. three-run lead. he's throwing terrific. the pitch count comes into play, joe. 106.
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>> joe: carpenter goes into battle mode as he takes just outside, ball one. >> tom: two strikes, matt carpenter, growing up he played a game with his brother, strikeout. they pitched to one another, one on one. you got to hit as long as you didn't strike out. as soon as you struck out, you switched sides. if you wanted to hit all the time, you turned into a contact hitter. >> joe: he strikes out, as bumgarner made a pitch on 1-2 and pulled carpenter one away. strike rout number seven. >> tom: this is part of the arsenal. this is actually a little in between. not a hard slider, not a cutter running from everybody. look at the grip. here comes a spin, a pitch he hasn't seen all night. >> tom: that curveball has been
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muddy for him. his younger brother didn't throw a curveball like that when they were playing strikeout. >> joe: here's grichuk. one out, nobody on. randal is 0 for 3. ball one, down and in. grichuk has flied to left, struck out, fouled out. one ball, one strike. areminder, fans. upload your best "take me out to the ball game" and you might be featured in game four of the world series. >> harold: the movement of madison bumgarner's pitch is amazing. here in the ballpark, the movement these hitters are trying to hit is incredible. >> joe: 2-1.
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>> harold: curveball away. he'll come back with that hard ball in on his hands, fastball or cutter that's going to run for about six to eight inches. and it is hard to pick up. >> joe: grichuk on 2-1. hits one in the air to left. easy for out number two with perez making the catch here in the eighth. tonight's telecast sponsored by the new dollar cravings menu at taco bell. live mas. and by at&t, mobilizing your world. 112 pitches tonight for madison bumgarner. and that's going to be it. the man in his 20th season, big league manager, bruce bochy, takes the ball from him. and the giants fans in
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attendance and all over this country have to salute the work by their number one starter. bumgarner pitches into the eighth, leaves with a bases empty, two out. up 3-0. anncr: now you can merge the physical freedom of the car, with the virtual freedom of wi-fi. chevrolet, the first and only car company to bring built-in 4g lte wi-fi
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switch now and get a free 4g smartphone on our reliable 4g network. after $50 mail-in rebate cricket visa promotion card. the new cricket wireless. something to smile about. >> follow the postseason with mlb app. scores, live radio broadcasts and more. get the app for your smart phone or tablet. sergio romo has taken off since he and casilla switched roles. 79-mile-an-hour pitch fouled straight back by holliday. strike one. >> tom: you're going to see a lot of them. those are the sliders. romo will throw those sliders more than anything else, pitch after pitch after pitch. you can wake him up from an afternoon nap and i bet he can throw that pitch for a strike.
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>> harold: he will show you just enough fastball to make you honor him a little bit. ask miguel cabrera. >> joe: 0-1 in the air to center. back as romo does his job. we go to the ninth in game one. san francisco with two in the second, one in the third. and the pitching of that man, madison bumgarner, lead it 3-0.
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when it all lines up and you get a chance to start the postseason series with your number one, things go well. number one for san francisco giant, madison bumgarner who does more of what giants fans have come to expect, the 25-year-old left-hander, he was outstanding as panik flies one into left. holliday is there for out number one here in the top of the ninth inning. there are the numbers, 112 pitches. you can't say enough for the job that he did from the beginning. >> tom: this guy puts the "o" in
8:20 pm
october. pitching the postseason, ratchets up the pressure when you're on the road. and he answers the bell every time. >> harold: winning on the road. good pitching helps. >> joe: here is the guy who helped guide him through, buster posey. you noticed early that bumgarner and posey got into a good rhythm. >> harold: they really did. so much of it has to do with the rhythm of the pitcher. when your catcher throws down the signs, you don't have to worry about are we in sync or not. is it such a big difference. he did a great job tonight. >> joe: one ball, two strikes, the count on posey, who tonight is 1 for 4, with sandoval on deck. >> tom: he never has the feeling. a couple of times runners on base when he was truly in trouble. looking back on the 23 outs that he got, only five were on the
8:21 pm
ground. one of those on a bunt sacrifice. it just seemed like the ball was moving off the barrel and he was inducing these weak po-ups. >> harold: they threw four right-handers in the lineup. sometimes you got to run into that buzz saw. that's what happened with bumgarner. he was clicking. how about this guy, joe? playing a lot of postseason baseball. does he still marvel you with the stuff he does? >> joe: what happens always struck me, for a guy as big as he is -- and he's not as small as he was at the start of the year, when he showed up for spring training, having dropped, what, 30 pounds. put on some of that. but his ajill igility, his abil
8:22 pm
what he can do athletically as a big man, a thick guy, i think, is incredible. >> harold: he really is a tremendous athlete. came in the swrients organization as a catcher. able to move him to third base because of his athletic ability. >> joe: maness trying to turn in two perfect innings, as sandoval set up 1-2. >> tom: i think he has shown tremendous plate discipline tonight. he is known as a guy that will go up there hacking, loves swinging at first pitches. he got himself into good counts by staying off pitches. cardinals know the report on this guy, he doesn't chance. he didn't tonight. he ended up getting some good pitches and even not so good ones he hit. >> joe: sandoval takes one off the top of the plate there. backs up, gets the out. two perfect innings by maness.
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of taking it up a notch, drink diet dew. the only diet with dew in it. >> joe: we look ahead to tomorrow. beginning at 7:30 eastern, nlcs coverage of game two on fox sports 1. giants and cardinals, jake peevy against lance lynn. and the orioles take on the royals on the other side of the state, game three of the alcs monday at 8:00 eastern on cbs. there's the match there's the matchup. last year during the world series with the red sox. now he is a san francisco swriegiant, pitching great against lance
8:26 pm
lynn, very good, got a no-decision in his start against the dodgers in the division seri series. now it's santiago casilla. peralta, adams and molina. casilla trying to save it for bumgarner. would go to postseason 5-3 in his career. strike one. >> harold: casilla is a guy who will live on the edges, force you to have to go after bad pitches if you want to swing at him. he will nibble beyond the corner, though.
8:27 pm
>> joe: right-handers hit .161 against him this season. >> tom: generally because of the fastball/slider combination, power stuff from casilla, showing more velocity as the season has gone on. >> joe: one ball, one strike. casilla was part of that bull fen for the nlcs in 2012 when these two teams met, as was romo. as was affeldt, as was lopez. broken bat. crawford charging. got him. one away. make the strong throw across the
8:28 pm
diamond. a lot of guys throw this on the run. he knew who he was running, set himself on a strike across the diamond. no need to throw the ball away right now. playing for out. you know when i look at casilla, i look at the brilliance of bruce bochy, being able to make adjustments along the way. his pitching staff we watch year in, year out, lincecum, this guy, romo. you name it. >> joe: also had to swrugle the lineup because of injuries. adams, strike one. adam pence up in that lead-off spot with angel pagan battling swrr in and out all year. now they've lost him the middle part of september. playing the rookie, panik. there's a big piece of it. matt cain, who is out after elbow surgery. they don't miss a beat. breaking ball.
8:29 pm
strike two. >> tom: the biggest challenge for a major league manager how you run your bull pen. i'm with you, harold. i'm not sure anybody does it better than bruce bochy. 36 postseason games under bochy and the bull pen has lost one game. >> joe: in the air to right. pence into his right. two outs. if the swrients win this game, it will be their seventh consecutive postseason road win. and since 2010, a record under bruce bochy of 27-10 in the postseason overall. >> tom: remarkable. and if they close this one out they'll be 13-0 and the other team hands them unearned runs. >> joe: two out. molina 1 for 3.
8:30 pm
foul and out of the reach of brandon belt. strike one. >> joe: no late inning magic for the cardinals yet. they're down to their final two strikes. down to their final strike. bumgarner, romo, now casilla. tight defense behind good pitching, taking advantage of opportunity. still 0-2. >> harold: living th


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